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Messagepar YoyoZee » 25 Nov 2014, 12:10

I am sure most of you will have seen that I have decided to close YoyoZ and focus on other things, I would just like to say a big thank you to all my French friends that I have made over the past few years and especially FYA for all the support over the years your efforts have made my job a joy, there will be a new store opening here in the UK and I know the new owner will off you the same level of support that YoyoZ has done.
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Re: Au Revoir

Messagepar babarock » 25 Nov 2014, 12:24

We already lamented the death of our favorite yoyo shop (it's in French, not sure if you'll get it). Let me reiterate a big thank you for your work and good luck for your future endeavours. You will be sorely missed.

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Re: Au Revoir

Messagepar pl4cide » 25 Nov 2014, 12:48

so my very first order could be considered as a goobye :(
On fera la gueule quand on sera mort, en attendant ...happy face :D
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Re: Au Revoir

Messagepar TomyMoonly » 25 Nov 2014, 15:51

Thanks for your help over the last years dude. It has been a plesure to work (have fun) with you.

You will always be welcome here. And we ll be proude to have you here again
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Re: Au Revoir

Messagepar naoki » 25 Nov 2014, 15:58

Not much to add, you'll be missed.

Thanks for all the great work you've done and the support you've brought to us throughout the years.
There will always be a little heartache wearing the YoyoZ t-shirt or looking at a YoyoZ sticker, but, well, things change and we all have to carry on.

Good luck for your plans and come visit us soon!
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Re: Au Revoir

Messagepar Sam » 25 Nov 2014, 23:42

Thank you so much Richie, for everything. See you later I hope dude.
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Re: Au Revoir

Messagepar gunter » 26 Nov 2014, 11:54

damn...i never buy a throw on yoyoz... notheless,thanks for your amazing work!
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